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Common RV Problems That Most Owners Encounter

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rv problem encounter

Did you know that traveling to places in an RV is cheaper and much more fun compared to staying in hotels? That’s especially if you’re planning long road trips with your family or friends. But, just like with any home or vehicle, RVs also encounter problems from time to time that may affect their performance. That’s why it’s a good idea to always get comprehensive RV repair services in Eureka, CA before making concrete travel plans.

While an RV is a convenient mode of travel that allows owners to just pack up and leave immediately to wherever they fancy next, it’s also important that it is fully prepared for long-distance travels. That’s because you’ll never know when you might encounter problems while you’re on the road. So if you think there might be something off with it or if you just want to make sure everything is functioning well, don’t skip on getting RV repair services in Eureka, CA to help you get a good idea of the problems you may have. Take a look at our list of the most common RV troubles that most owners encounter.

Leaky Roof

When it comes to RVs, roof leaks are pretty much inevitable because even the toughest RV finishes will eventually succumb to the power of elements. Remember that your RV is constantly exposed to weather and temperature changes, and when it is in motion, the sealants can harden and crack. Unfortunately, water damages in an RV won’t just result in ugly stains but it can also wreak havoc on metal fixtures and cause dangerous short-circuits. Fortunately, if you get regular repairs and maintenance, you can prevent water leaks from occurring or it can be resolved immediately before causing too much damage.

Burst Water Lines and Leaky Pipes

Burst water lines often happen when owners fail to store their RVs properly during the winter. To avoid this, owners should always empty their water tanks daily. They should also make sure the tank is empty before the first freeze in winter occurs. Meanwhile, leaky pipes could be the result of corroded metal fixtures or over-tightened PVC piping.

Window Damage

Window problems are unavoidable even with the most advanced models. That’s because continuous exposure to elements will eventually weaken the integrity of sealants. Sun exposure, contact with low-hanging debris, and extreme weather changes are just some of the major culprits. When windows are damaged, expect ugly water stains, mold growth, and even electrical damages on your RV. 

Toilet Troubles

One of the ultimate comforts of camping with an RV is the privilege of having your private toilet. But that comfort can quickly turn into a nightmare once you start having problems with it. Is the water not staying in the toilet bowl? Does water keep running from it? If you have one of those problems, then they must be addressed quickly so you can go on with your travels without worrying about it.

For most RV owners, their mobile homes are their pride and joy. And because of its convenient and cost-effective benefits, RV owners are more invigorated to explore wherever they want without worrying about exorbitant travel expenses. Now, if you’re planning to travel any time soon, don’t forget to have your RV checked by professionals like us at Century Mobile Homes and RV Service Center. We offer a complete line of RV repair services, and we also specialize in mobile homes remodeling in Eureka, CA.

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