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Mobile Home Remodeling Tips to Spruce up Your Home

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Mobile housing is a great alternative to on-site built homes as it provides buyers a less expensive and less stressful way towards homeownership. A number of new mobile homeowners choose to remodel their new home while others opt not to go that route because they get overwhelmed by the idea of remodeling their mobile homes. It may seem intimidating especially when you consider the lay-out, floors, windows, and walls of a mobile home. However, there is no shame in asking for help especially if you deem it too burdensome a task. There are experienced mobile home remodeling companies in Eureka, CA who are eager and ready to accomplish the job for you.

But just like any other remodeling projects, you can’t just dive into it without any idea of what you want to do or how you want it to look like. Detailed planning is your best-friend when it comes to remodeling your mobile home. So, take your time going through every part of your home. Then think of what components you would like to change, and what furnishings you want to add. To give you some ideas, here are mobile home remodeling tips that can spruce up your mobile homes.


Adding storage spaces are great for organizing and decluttering a  mobile home. You can install deeper cabinets in the kitchen to ensure that there is ample space for all kitchen items. For a neat finish, you can organize spice jars in a spice rack or display them in a glass cabinet. You can also add a storage space in the bathroom for your toiletries. Even in small spaces, there are smart ways to add shelves and closets in a way that they are nicely incorporated in the layout of your mobile homes to maximize space.


A floor remodel can add charm to your mobile home. You can choose to make it look classy, or cozy by going for wooden floors. Installing hardwood floors can also increase the overall market value of your mobile home. If you want it to be trendy, you can use ceramic floors or beautifully designed tiles for your mobile home floor. Just keep in mind that the design and color of your floor should harmonize with the rest of the house.


An open-plan layout provides a much-needed breathing room. To do it, you may need to bring down some of the walls in your mobile home. This, however, can create more space to move around and add value to your living room and your dining area.

If you have a lot of unnecessary items in your mobile home, maybe it’s time to go through each of those and donate or dispose of them. Select the furniture that you can reuse and recycle, then take out those that you can do without. You can achieve a great home aesthetic even with only a few decors and furniture as long as you have a well-thought-out interior design for your home. As other people say, sometimes less is more.

Basement or Attic

Whoever said you can’t have a basement or a second floor in your mobile home is very much mistaken. Today’s equipment and building techniques have made adding an attic easier. You can make use of it as an additional sleeping area for your guest. If you have a growing family, this is an ideal solution in increasing your house’s living area.

Building a basement may be a little trickier. However, the right contractor can handle this modification. Make sure that you are working with a professional contractor who specializes in mobile home remodeling in Eureka, CA. They can build an accessible basement space that adds value to your mobile home.  

Outdoor Space

The exterior of your home gives your visitors an idea of what the inside looks like. At the same time, if it is well-maintained, it will increase the curb appeal of your mobile home. A deck is a great addition to maximize your outdoor living space. It’s perfect for entertaining family and visitors. On the other hand, even a simple landscape can do wonders in transforming your yard into a relaxing retreat.  

Final Thoughts

With the abundance of home remodeling tips, we can’t compile everything in a single article. But when you are working with seasoned mobile home remodeling contractors in Eureka, CA like Century Mobile Homes and RV Service Center you won’t run out of ideas for your remodeling project.  We will advise you and give you trendy remodeling concepts that will fit your budget. Get in touch with us to know more.

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