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Signs Your RV Needs Repair Services

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RV problem repair and maintenance

Not all RV problems are as obvious as others. But if you think yours has a problem, drop by at Century Mobile Homes and RV Service Center for meticulous service. We do it all from RV repairs to mobile home renovation and repairs in Arcata, CA and its nearby areas.

An unexpected RV problem in the middle of the road can put a damper on all your plans. After all, maintenance isn’t always at the top of the list for most owners when they’re too busy planning where to go, what to bring, and what to do. What’s worse is that some RV problems aren’t easily detectable at a glance. Some owners also believe that repairs are too expensive. 

But if you want to be fully prepared and make sure everything goes according to plan, have your RV checked by a professional before you go through with the rest of your plans. To help you, we’ve put together some of the most common signs to look out for to know when your RV is in trouble.

Your RV Needs Repairs if:

  • You have a leaking roof

Most RV owners think that roof repair is too expensive. While this is not always necessarily true, you can rack up significant repair costs if you leave the problem for too long. Not just that but a leaky roof can lead to more damage to your RV’s interior. Water gets inside your walls and damages your insulation and furniture. It can even lead to mold problems. 

To keep your roof from developing leaks, regularly inspect the top of your vehicle and check for soft spots or worn-down areas. Avoid driving under branches or underpasses that may scrape your vehicle’s roof. But the best way to keep your RV’s roof from leaking is by getting regular maintenance checks from professionals. 

  • You haven’t had your yearly maintenance

It might be inconvenient for you to schedule yearly maintenance checks, but it is all for your benefit. Any problem your RV has can be detected and fixed early on through regular inspections and maintenance visits. Plus, you won’t have to pay too much for minor repairs. The best part is that once it’s over, you can go right back to traveling everywhere you want to go. 

The same is also true for those who own mobile homes. Since they’re made of more lightweight materials, getting regular mobile home repair services in Arcata, CA is all the more important.

  • You’re hearing strange noises

Do you hear unusual noises while you’re driving? This could be a sign that your RV has a problem. And since several issues can cause noises, it’s better to have it professionally checked. Your RV might have engine problems that need mechanical expertise.

  • You’re having electrical problems

This is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored as it can be potentially dangerous. You’ll see signs of this problem when your RV lights keep flickering or you have outlets that don’t work. Don’t attempt DIY repairs unless you’re an experienced electrician because accidents can have deadly consequences.

If you are experiencing any of these signs in your RV, then it’s time to get maintenance services from Century Mobile Homes and RV Service Center. We are an RV and mobile home service company offering comprehensive services from repairs to mobile home renovation and repairs in Arcata, CA and its surrounding areas. Call us today to book an appointment and let us handle your RV problems.

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